Does your property have what it takes to attract new residents?

See if your apartment complex program makes the grade.

Does your property have what it takes to attract new residents?

See if your apartment complex program makes the grade.

Why Wellbeats?

Wellbeats is the on-demand fitness program that lets your residents work out however they’d like, wherever they’d like, for as long as they’d like.

Inspiring, high-quality content

Reliable, easy-to-use video streaming

No equipment necessary

Classes can be done in a gym, in a living room, or on-the-go

Make your property standout with Wellbeats

Wellbeats is easy to implement, intuitive for new users, and an efficient platform to use across multiple properties.

Great for multiple properties

A unique, memorable, and modern amenity

Easy to implement

"Residents love it.

Wellbeats has been a terrific way to work out for someone with a busy schedule. The workouts are absolutely exhausting if you put your mind to it and I find that my strength and endurance increases each time. I hope our apartment complex never gets rid of Wellbeats. It’s a huge benefit.”


Diverse, high-quality content

Wellbeats features over 350 unique, inspiring videos spanning various lengths and difficulty levels.


Circuit training is a fast-paced workout that encourages you to perform as many repetitions as possible with minimal rest in between each exercise.


Build stronger, more defined muscles using primarily dumbbells. Get ready to feel empowered in this channel as you sculpt and tone your entire body.


Kick your workout up a notch in just 20 minutes. These classes are designed to give you the maximum amount of training in the shortest period of time.


Discover a unique fusion of yoga and Pilates in this channel. Improve your mind-body connection while building stronger, leaner muscles.


Train your body with a blend of HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight training, and cardio. Fire up your metabolism in these quick-moving, total-body workouts.


Need a quick break? This channel features simple movements you can do right at your desk in 8 minutes or less to boost energy, relieve stress, clear your mind, and more.


Kick, punch, and strike your way through a blend of martial arts-inspired kickboxing. Get ready to unleash your inner fighter!


Get ready to shake it! These fun, cardio-focused workouts feature a variety of dance styles including Latin, urban, hip-hop, and more.

Step 1:

Choose a Content Subscription

All Wellbeats clients must sign up for one of these three different content subscriptions. While each
package offers diverse, high-quality content, the quantity of channels, the variety of workouts, and the
monthly fee varies.

Basic Package

$199 per month

• 140+ Classes
• 1 Workout Plan
• 1 Fit Test


Plus Package

$249 per month

• 129+ Classes
• 12 Workout Plan
• 3 Fit Test

Premium Package

$399 per month

• +340 classes
• 12 workout plans
• 3 Fit Tests
• Programming specifically
created for kids and seniors

Step 2:

Learn About User Streaming

Young woman exercising on living room floor following computer screen instruction

The way we’re working out is changing, with more and more of us choosing at-home workouts that are on our time, at our pace, and in the privacy of our own homes. That’s why offering your residents a way to stream Wellbeats in their own unit is such a unique, memorable value-add. It’s a brand new way to engage residents and support their fitness efforts.



per month

* for up to 200 users

Step 3:

Explore Our In-Facility Products

Wellbeats is proud to offer properties of all sizes interactive touchscreens and other helpful items to include
at your on-site fitness facility. Our Touchscreen Displays use the latest technology to really impress your
residents. Touchscreens can be used alone or easily connected to a TV display.

Content updates occur automatically throughout the year through a hardwired Internet connection, while
content is stored locally on the device for reliability and speed.

Overall, our in-facility products are easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to use. Everybody wins!

Interactive Touchscreens

Our Interactive Touchscreens come in a variety of sizes and can be used alone or can be connected to a TV display. Note: a hardwired Internet connection is required.

• Size Options: 22”, 42”, 55”, 70”
• 22” can be purchased with a 70” TV package
($2,949) or can be paired with your current TV
• Optional installation pricing ($599 - $1,299)
• Shipping not included
• Prices range from $2,799 to $9,499

Ready to Learn More About Wellbeats?

We started the streaming group fitness space. If you have a question, we’ve answered it before. It would be our pleasure to answer any question you have.

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