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Can I schedule a class to automatically play at a certain time?

  • Yes! Scheduling classes in advance is a great way to build awareness and increase user engagement. You can schedule a class to play at a specific date or time by logging into our Wellbeats Portal using your administrator credentials.To schedule a class, navigate to the class you would like to schedule. On the class details page, select “Schedule Class”. Choose the date and time you would like to schedule, then select “Schedule”. You can schedule classes at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

    If you would like to schedule the class as recurring, select the “Recurring Class” checkbox which will allow you to repeat the class as often as you would like on the schedule.

    To block the studio for a live class or reserve it as unavailable, select “Class Schedule” from the main menu, then “Schedule Event”. This will allow you to schedule it as “Live Class”, “Other”, or “Room Unavailable”.

    For more assistance, check out our “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial here.

    For a beginner-friendly class scheduling template, click here.

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