Wellness Lotus

Wellness-minded travelers spend
50% more than regular guests.

Is your property attracting them?

Nearly half of hotel guests expect to work out when they travel. Wellbeats helps you engage and retain those guests with 350+ high-quality, memorable on-demand fitness classes.

Builds loyalty

Curated fitness offerings that appeal to all your guests could increase brand loyalty for your hotel. As more people seek out fitness options when they travel, integrating fitness options can distinguish your property from those that don’t offer such amenities.

Appeals to all guests

Wellbeats virtual, on-demand fitness classes let your guests work out however they’d like, wherever they’d like, for as long as they’d like. In addition to interactive touchscreens for your fitness center or spa, our streaming option allows guests to work out privately in their own room.

Differentiates your property

While nearly half of your guests intend to use your workout facilities, research shows only a small percentage do. Wellbeats on-demand classes motivate guests to use your workout facilities and create a significant point of differentiation.

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