Frequently Asked Questions

Sales & Marketing Support

What are the in-facility content subscription options offered by Wellbeats?

To request pricing information, please fill out our Contact Us form here.

How do I learn which channels, classes and challenges are included in my subscription?

To request pricing and content subscription information, please fill out our Contact Us form here.

To view all our Wellbeats channels, click here.

How do I make a change to my content subscription?

To make changes to your content subscription, please fill out a request here.

Wellbeats was recently installed at my property. Where can I find Wellbeats training?

Congratulations on your new Wellbeats system! We recommend checking out the “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial here. This video will show you basics on how to navigate Wellbeats and schedule classes to increase engagement and utilization.

What resources are available for promoting Wellbeats in my facility?

Wellbeats offers a variety of marketing materials to promote your Wellbeats system, including flyers, posters, digital displays, logo files, and videos. To download materials, please visit our Marketing Resources page here.

To share Wellbeats promotional videos, class teasers, trainer tips, and tutorials, visit our YouTube page here.

Be sure to also check your email inbox for marketing kit campaigns and new content release information to share throughout the year.

What is the best way to promote Wellbeats during a facility tour?

When using Wellbeats as a selling point for a membership or amenity, we recommend asking what types of workouts they enjoy and finding channels or classes that match their preferences. For recommendation ideas, learn about our Wellbeats channels here.

Here are a few other talking point ideas:

  • Variety of classes, including cycling, strength training, yoga, Pilates, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and step
  • Basic-level and tutorial options for beginners
  • Certified virtual trainers to educate you on proper form and technique
  • A great option for those who want to experiment or try a certain type of workout for the first time before joining in a live group fitness setting
  • Filter option to customize a workout according to your personal preferences, such as style, duration, equipment accessibility, and intensity level
  • Fit tests to assess and track progress

Technical Support

What is the Wellbeats product warranty?

For our product warranty, please download the Wellbeats Warranty Guide here.

My Wellbeats system is not working properly in my facility. What should I do?

If your in-facility system is not working properly, you can try to reboot it. Rebooting the Wellbeats system is operated differently depending on the model. To guide you through a clean reboot or troubleshoot your issue, please reach out to a Technical Support representative using the contact information below. Please do NOT unplug your system. | 855.520.7500

What can I do if my Wellbeats kiosk isn’t turning on?

Start by double checking your Wellbeats kiosk power cable, HDMI cable, and your Ethernet cable are all connected. If everything is connected, press and hold on the power button for 5 seconds to reboot your Wellbeats kiosk.  Next, reconnect your internet connection to ensure you have strong signal strength to your network.

What should I check for if I cannot hear the Wellbeats audio?

Find the sound bars in your studios and check the detail.

Can Wellbeats schedule a technician to come troubleshoot my Wellbeats system?

We offer complimentary Wellbeats technical support by email and phone.  If you’re under the 90-day labor warranty, we can schedule a technician at no cost.  If you’re beyond the 90 days, we can schedule a local Ammacore technician to come to your property for $250 for the visit.

If you continually experience frequent buffering when streaming video, you might want to investigate further by monitoring fluctuations in your connection speed over time and working with your broadband provider to troubleshoot any issues.

Administrative Support

How do I create an administrative account?

If you are the designated administrator for the Wellbeats system at your facility, your account will be automatically created for you. To retrieve your login credentials, visit the Wellbeats Portal or any of the application login screens and select “LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT”. Enter in your work email address as the username, select “Next”, then select “Forgot Password”. Follow the prompts to reset your password via email. You will receive an email from WELLBEATS with a verification code to reset your password.

For more details, check out our How to Reset Your Wellbeats Password guide here.

How do I reset my password?

Visit the Wellbeats Portal or any of the application login screens and select “LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT”. Enter in your username, select “Next”, then select “Forgot Password”. Follow the prompts to reset your password via email. You will receive an email from WELLBEATS with a verification code to reset your password.

For more details, check out our How to Reset Your Wellbeats Password guide here.

How do I receive new classes?

All new classes will be uploaded automatically on a bi-monthly basis. As long as your system is connected to the internet, there is nothing you need to do on your end. You can find the new classes on the home screen of your Wellbeats system under the section “Recently Added”.

Our content subscription packages offer a different selection of channels, challenges and fit tests. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our subscription package options to make sure you have the right variety of classes to serve your audience.

You will receive an email blast notifying you when new content is added. You can also receive updates by following Wellbeats on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Where can I receive training on how to navigate the Wellbeats system?

If you’re new to Wellbeats, we recommend checking out the “Wellbeats Navigation Tour – Facility” video tutorial on how to navigate the Wellbeats system, along with the “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial on how to administer the system and schedule classes.

Can I schedule a class to automatically play at a certain time?

Yes! Scheduling classes in advance is a great way to build awareness and increase user engagement. You can schedule a class to play at a specific date or time by logging into our Wellbeats Portal using your administrator credentials.

To schedule a class, navigate to the class you would like to schedule. On the class details page, select “Schedule Class”. Choose the date and time you would like to schedule, then select “Schedule”. You can schedule classes at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

If you would like to schedule the class as recurring, select the “Recurring Class” checkbox which will allow you to repeat the class as often as you would like on the schedule.

To block the studio for a live class or reserve it as unavailable, select “Class Schedule” from the main menu, then “Schedule Event”. This will allow you to schedule it as “Live Class”, “Other”, or “Room Unavailable”.

For more assistance, check out our “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial here.

For a beginner-friendly class scheduling template, click here.

Can I add a non-Wellbeats class or event in the schedule I create?

Yes, you can.  We recommend that this is not a reoccurring event because it won’t allow you change the event in the future.  For example, if you create a “Room Unavailable” event at a certain time, there’s no way to delete this event.

How do I cancel a scheduled class?

Administrators can cancel the class in the Wellbeats Portal at least 15 minutes in advance of the start time.

To cancel a class, navigate to “Class Schedule” in the main menu and find the class you want to cancel. Select the “Sign Up” button, then “Cancel Class”. You can also cancel the class at the touchscreen after the class begins by selecting the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the touchscreen.

For more information about class scheduling, check out the “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial here.

I do not see the option to schedule a class. What should I do?

To access the schedule option, double-check you are logged in as an administrator (versus a user). Navigate to the main menu and select “Settings”, then “Customers”. Select the “Enable Scheduling” box to access scheduling.

For more information about class schedules, check out the “Wellbeats Administrator Tour – Facility” video tutorial here.

Scheduled classes are not showing up on my system's schedule. Why not?

An active internet connection is required for the scheduling feature to work. Double check that your Wellbeats system is connected to the internet. If you are still having trouble, please contact Wellbeats Support and a representative will help you.

How do I add or remove account contacts?

Billing Support

I'm selling my business. How do I transfer my subscription to the new owner?

If your business is being sold or under new ownership, you will need to transfer the license and subscription to a new owner. Both you and the new owner will need to fill out respective forms below to transfer ownership:

Change of Ownership Form – Previous Owner

Change of Ownership Form – New Owner

How do I update my payment information?

To update your billing information, please complete the form below.

Payment Authorization Form

When will I receive my bill or invoice?

Wellbeats subscription invoices are distributed monthly or annually via email depending on your selection.

If you would like to change the frequency of your invoicing, please submit a request using our Billing Request form here.

What should I do if I have not received a Wellbeats invoice for my facility?

If you have yet to receive your invoice, please notify our Billing team using our Billing Request form here. We could possibly be sending the invoice to an old manager or the previous management company.

Who should I send my vendor set-up packages to?

Please email the vendor set-up packages to prior to receiving your first email for timely return. Our Billing team can also provide a W-9 and certificate of insurance if needed.

Where can I find the Wellbeats Terms and Conditions?

Wellbeats is a subscription service that operates with a mutual understanding of the Wellbeats Terms and Conditions. To view or download a copy, please click here.

Will my Wellbeats content subscription cost ever increase?

If any changes are made to content subscription pricing, administrators will be proactively notified ahead of time.