August Content Release

Wellbeats August Content Release

The Wellbeats August Content Release is here! We are excited to introduce a new “Sports Ready” channel featuring 9 new classes on Wellbeats starting Wednesday, August 28th. Classes are designed to strengthen muscles used during sports activity. Activities include running, swimming, tennis, baseball, and golfing. Performing Sports Ready classes on a regular basis can also help minimize the risk of injury during sports activity.

Whether you’re an athlete or just getting started, Sports Ready is your go-to channel for sports preparation and performance.

Here’s a full list of what’s new in the Wellbeats August Content Release:

Sports Ready Channel

1. Running Strong

This strength-based workout will improve your running form and decrease risk of injury, with a focus on core and hip stability.

22 minutes | Dumbbells, Yoga Mat, Resistance Bands, Stability Ball | Intermediate

2. Swing Strong

This circuit class is focused on strengthening all the major muscle groups used in a golf swing!

20 minutes | Dumbbells (Light and Medium), Yoga Mat| Beginner/Intermediate

3. Fairway Flexibility

This yoga practice is designed to increase shoulder and hip flexibility, while strengthening all the muscles important to your golf swing.

20 minutes | Yoga Mat | Intermediate/Advanced

4. Get Ready to Swing

This class features warm-up exercises focused on your backside, improving ankle stability and balance to prepare you to swing.

10 minutes | Golf Club (Optional) | Beginner/Intermediate

5. Swim Strong

Power through three different circuits focused on building strength and endurance for swimming.

25 minutes | Dumbbells (Light and Medium), Resistance Bands, Stability Ball, Yoga Mat | Beginner/Intermediate

6. Fluid Yoga

Flow through a series of yoga poses for swimming that will strengthen and stretch out your shoulders and core.

20 minutes | Yoga Mat | Beginner/Intermediate

7. Post-Swim Recovery

This cool down features movements to stretch and roll out some of the main muscle groups used in swimming.

15 minutes | Yoga Mat, Tennis Ball, Lacrosse Ball | Beginner/Intermediate

8. Golf Ready Circuit

This total-body circuit focuses on improving your mobility and power next time you’re on the golf course.

14 minutes | Dumbbells, Yoga Mat | Intermediate/Advanced

9. Swim Ready Circuit

This total-body cardio and strength circuit will improve both speed and endurance next time you’re in the water.

16 minutes | Dumbbells, Yoga Mat | Intermediate/Advanced


Alright team, which new classes in the Wellbeats August Content Release are you excited to try? Don’t forget to tag us in your workout posts on social media using #Wellbeats. Game on!

Click here to download a PDF version of the Wellbeats August Content Release.

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