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Wellbeats June Content Release

Wellbeats June Content Release

The Wellbeats June Content Release is here! We are excited to introduce 12 new classes on Wellbeats starting Wednesday, June 26th. Find classes ranging from 10-30 minutes, including options for no equipment. Whether it’s the beginner-friendly “Gentle Yoga”, the calorie-blasting “Fighter Circuit”, the quick, posture-improving “Backside Balance”, or even the “Standing Pilates”, this release features a variety of workouts anyone can enjoy from beginner to advanced.

Here’s a full list of what’s new in the Wellbeats June Content Release:

Fusion Channel

1. Gentle Yoga

Take a few moments to breathe and enjoy this smooth, 30-minute yoga class designed to lengthen and stretch your body with movement.

30 minutes | Yoga Mat and Yoga Block | Beginner

2. Standing Pilates

This quick, multidimensional standing Pilates workout is designed to strengthen your back and core.

15 minutes | Chair Optional | Beginner/Intermediate

TKO Channel

3. Combo Frenzy

Get ready! This fast, strong, full-body kickboxing class features 3 combinations to elevate your heart and attitude.

20 minutes | No Equipment | Intermediate/Advanced

4. Fighter Circuit

Perform 5 circuit rounds of cardio fun using kicks, punches, and your core!

30 minutes | No Equipment | Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Rev Channel

5. Jumps & Runs

Energy with some jumps are coming at you! You won’t regret this 20-minute interval training workout.

20 minutes | Indoor Cycle Bike | Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Definitions Channel

6. Add-On Strong

This full body, 20-minute strength training class includes options to add on more intensity every time you workout!

20 minutes | Dumbbells, Yoga Mat, Step and Risers | Beginner/Intermediate

Time Savers Channel

7. Backside Balance

This 10-minute, back-focused workout is designed to improve your balance, posture, and overall mobility.

10 minutes | Dumbbells | Beginner/Intermediate

8. Standing Core

Fast, strong, and efficient: work your core in 10 minutes using only a dumbbell.

10 minutes | Dumbbells | Beginner/Intermediate

Kinetics Channel

9. Medicine Ball Circuit

Explore a quick, 20-minute fat burning circuit using quick tempos and range of motion with a medicine ball!

20 minutes | Medicine Ball | Intermediate/Advanced

10. Fusion HIIT Circuit

Flexibility, strength, and mobility all in one: try this 30-minute HIIT circuit (with a dash of yoga!) to burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

30 minutes | Yoga Mat | Intermediate/Advanced

Circuits Channel

11. Circuit Ladder

This descending ladder circuit uses only 4 exercises… full body, all heart!

20 minutes | No Equipment | Intermediate/Advanced

12. Cardio & Strength

This fast, AMRAP (as many reps as possible) ladder circuit uses 4 exercises to drive your heart and engage your whole body!

15 minutes | Dumbbells | Intermediate/Advanced


Alright team, which new classes in the Wellbeats June Content Release are you excited to try? Don’t forget to tag us in your workout posts on social media using #Wellbeats.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Wellbeats June Content Release.

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