3 Wellbeats Channels for a Healthy Heart

Our team at Wellbeats is gearing up for American Heart Month (February)… which means it’s time to kick our cardio up a notch and work towards a healthy heart! Want to join?

Here are 3 cardio-filled channels we plan to take more advantage of during the month of February to support a healthy heart – and you can, too!

Channel 1: Kinetics (High Intensity Interval Training)

Why Kinetics might be right for you: if you’re looking to fire up your metabolism and burn the most calories… This is the perfect channel for you to work on your healthy heart! This channel includes 20-50 minute classes. It blends HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight training and cardio.


Channel 2: Rev (Cycling)

Why Rev might be right for you: are you a cycling enthusiast and/or have access to a bike? Rev, the most-played channel on Wellbeats, offers options from beginner to advanced and includes intervals, sprints, climbs, and more. Get ready to sweat!


Channel 3: Vibe (Dance)

Why Vibe might be right for you: if you like to have fun in your workouts or simply want another alternative to get your cardio in, dance is a great option! The Vibe channel features a variety of dance styles including Latin, urban, and hip-hop.


Whether you’re a cardio-fan or foe, you can be sure to find a cardio style that works for you with Kinetics, Rev, and Vibe! How do you plan to “channel your cardio”? Share with us in the comments below.


  • The Wellbeats Team


P.s. During the month of February, we will be giving away free swag in honor of American Heart Month – all you have to do is post a workout wearing red and include the hashtag #Wellbeats on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don’t forget to set your post to “public” so we can view it 🙂

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