Everything You Need to Know About Latest Content Release – Dec 2018

The latest content release is about to drop any day now… are you ready?

Our latest Dec 2018 content release includes 11 new classes in 6 different channels – so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s included in the latest content release:

Content Release

  • Knock Out Burn some serious calories in this class featuring 3 rounds of kickboxing combinations.

         20 min | Ft. Wellbeats Trainer Tricia V. | No Equipment Needed | TKO Channel

  •  Victory by Design Personalize your next bike ride by choosing from 3 different cycling styles: speed, endurance, or power.

         20 min | Ft. Wellbeats Trainer Leah P. | Indoor Cycle Bike | Rev Channel

  • Stretch Want more flexibility? This circuit is a must-try and includes stretches for both upper and lower body.

         5 min | No Equipment Needed | Circuits Channel

  • Standing Core Achieve a tighter core while… standing? Yup, it’s possible. Try it.

         7 min | Dumbbell | Circuits Channel

  • Strong Back Do you sit for long periods of time at work? Then you’re the perfect candidate for this circuit that will help improve your posture and balance.

         15 min | Dumbbell | Circuits Channel

  • Total Body Band Got a resistance band? Then you won’t want to miss this circuit that will work your entire body.

         20 min | Resistance Band | Circuits Channel

Most watched

  • Rev Stretch 2 Winding down from a cycling class? Take a few minutes to stretch it out.

         5 min | Ft. Wellbeats Trainer Jodi S. | Indoor Cycle Bike | Rev Channel

  • Glutes and Hips Release all that build-up and tension in your glutes, hips, and lower back – with simply a tennis ball!

         8 min | Ft. Wellbeats Trainer Darcy M. | Tennis Ball | Recovery Channel

  • Neck and Shoulder Lengthen chronically short muscles that can cause pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

         8 min | Ft. Wellbeats Trainer Darcy M. | Tennis Ball | Recovery Channel

  • Pick-Me-Up Feeling burned out or sleep-deprived? This class is the perfect mid-afternoon “awakener”. No coffee needed.

         30 min | Libby L. | No Equipment Needed | Fusion Channel

  • Booty and Abs Let’s target those stubborn areas – glutes and abs – using just your bodyweight!

         20 min | Christy B. | No Equipment Needed | Express Channel


All new classes will upload automatically and can be found in the “Recently Added” section on the Wellbeats website portal or by selecting the “Recommended Classes” button on your Wellbeats app.

We want to know: which class are you most excited to try?! Let us know in the comments below!

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