Introducing a Brand-New, Personalized User Dashboard

The next time you log into your Wellbeats account, you may discover a surprise – a brand-new, personalized User Dashboard!

That’s right. We’re excited to unveil a completely redesigned, customizable dashboard that highlights your own personal goals, statistics, and background.

Training for a 5K? Eager to shed a few extra pounds before the holidays? Hoping to play at least 3 Wellbeats classes this week? Whatever your goal is, you can now enter it into the My Workout Goal section of the User Dashboard.

What about when you reach your workout goal and ready for a new challenge? The good news is you can edit your goal at any time and as often as you see fit. To do this, simply select Edit Profile underneath your name or in the Main Menu.

To customize the look of your User Dashboard, you can now upload your own personal photos. To do this, simply select Edit Profile, then choose the Edit Profile Photos button to upload a profile image. You can also choose your own background from the 12 prepopulated images in the Cover Photo library.

If you’re a natural competitor, you may also enjoy the ability to now view your monthly results stacked up against your demographic* and global averages. Results include class minutes and plays for the present month (updated daily and will reset each month).

To see a more detailed report of your personal statistics, select the brand-new My Results button on the home screen or in the Main Menu. My Results includes:

  • Your total # of class minutes and plays in a given 6-month period + your demographic and global averages
  • The # of times and dates you have logged into your Wellbeats account
  • A full list of the classes you have played in the past
  • Your Fit Test score(s) + your demographic and global averages (Note: results can also be categorized by each exercise included in the fit test)

Last but not least, it’s now easier than ever to find classes that appeal most to you. In both small formats (mobile) and large formats (tablet and desktop), you will discover a new class navigation. For small formats, you can now view your recommended and most popular classes in a new layout by selecting the Recommended Classes button. For large formats, you can view a new order of classes directly on the home screen. The layout includes the following order: Recommended For You, Recently Added, Top Rated, Top Played, Trending Channels, and Trending Instructors.

In the end, we believe fitness is personal. What motivates you to work out, track progress and measure success will be uniquely different than your neighbor, your boss, or even your best friend.

We’re excited to bring a more personalized, customized, and user-friendly interface and navigation to enhance your Wellbeats experience.

To access the User Dashboard on a mobile device, be sure to visit your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and update the Wellbeats app (unless your device’s Settings is set to automatically update apps). To access the User Dashboard on a desktop, simply log in to your account here. Keep in mind it may take a few days to receive the User Dashboard on your mobile device.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Send us a message with any feedback on the User Dashboard here or visit our most commonly asked questions here.

Want to win some cool prizes? Be sure to upload a screenshot of your new User Dashboard to Facebook or Instagram and tag us @Wellbeats to be entered to win some free Wellbeats swag!

Enjoy the new Wellbeats User Dashboard!

(P.S. You can also now view the average rating of a class before you select it. Simply locate the star rating on the bottom right of each class tile.)

*If you do not currently see the Demographic statistic, be sure to complete your age and gender information in the Edit Profile section.

**You can access the User Dashboard when logging into your account on a personal device. Available features may vary according to your subscription package. Users can no longer register and log in on a Wellbeats kiosk.

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