More Classes Dropping Soon

With fall on the horizon, it’s only fitting to reveal some changes in the current Wellbeats class lineup. We’re excited to announce the addition of 17 (!!) new workouts to the Wellbeats library, plus a brand-new channel. Without spilling too many secrets, expect to see more HIIT-inspired workout options that can be squeezed into your day in just 20 minutes or less. Get back to the basics with more beginner-friendly options featuring popular workout styles like Pilates and Barre. As for post-workout? You will soon discover new ways to wind down with low-intensity options for releasing tension and stress in your body.

Getting excited yet?

We know we are. Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement coming soon that will reveal all the classes you will have access to in the new release*.

Let us know which classes you hope to see using #MyWellbeats or @Wellbeats on Facebook or Instagram and we may just give you a special shout out in our next blog post.

It’s all coming your way soon!

*Options may vary according to your Wellbeats subscription package

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