HIIT Cardio Circuit (Try a 20 Minute Class Today!)

Limited time? No equipment? No problem! With our newly-released HIIT (high intensity interval training) Cardio circuit class, 20 minutes is all you need to ignite your metabolism, raise your energy level and burn some serious calories.

HIIT involves quick bursts of intense exercises followed by short rest periods. The goal is to push yourself to complete as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) during each exercise for maximum effect.

Interested in giving it a try? You can now complete an entire Wellbeats circuit workout from our YouTube channel here:

00:06 [Music] 00:16 our well beats circuit workouts are 00:18 designed to be fast paced and rap style 00:21 your goal is to complete as many reps as 00:24 possible in the time allotted to stay 00:26 safe 00:27 follow the bulleted form cues on screen 00:29 in this 20 minute high-intensity 00:32 interval training cardio circuit you 00:35 will complete eight exercises two times 00:37 through your goal is to complete as many 00:40 repetitions of each exercise as possible 00:42 in 30 seco... ▼

00:06 [Music] 00:16 our well beats circuit workouts are 00:18 designed to be fast paced and rap style 00:21 your goal is to complete as many reps as 00:24 possible in the time allotted to stay 00:26 safe 00:27 follow the bulleted form cues on screen 00:29 in this 20 minute high-intensity 00:32 interval training cardio circuit you 00:35 will complete eight exercises two times 00:37 through your goal is to complete as many 00:40 repetitions of each exercise as possible 00:42 in 30 seconds and then you'll have 30 00:45 seconds to rest no equipment is required 00:48 warm-up hamstring curl 00:52 [Music] 00:55 let's get your body ready to work 00:57 standing tall 00:58 keep your chest lifted and pull your 01:00heels towards your glutes this exercise 01:02 is meant to bring your body temperature 01:04 up lubricate your joints and you can 01:07 move at whatever pace feels comfortable 01:09 for you remember you're trying to get as 01:11 many repetitions in as you can with good 01:13 form 01:16 [Music] 01:36 up next deep squat hip lift 01:39 [Music] 01:47 continuing to prepare our body for work 01:50 take your feet out wide turn your toes 01:52 out and drop your hips to the floor now 01:55 keep your hands down straightening your 01:57 legs and push your hips up towards the 01:59 02:01 to the ceiling and extending your arms 02:03 up into a V you repeat you'll be looking 02:08 down during this exercise so once you 02:10 know it finds your flow and just 02:12 continue to move open up through your 02:15 hips bring your elbows down inside your 02:18 legs and get loose through your joints 02:25 [Music] 02:28 up next skipping 02:31 [Music] 02:39 bring your opposite arm and leg up and 02:41 try to move your body away from the 02:44 floor keep your shoulders down stand 02:46 tall and just feel your body moving 02:51 notice how your breathing is changing 02:54 breathe in through your nose and out 02:56 through your mouth 02:57 our next intervals are going to push 02:59 your limits and you want to say to 03:00 yourself I am strong I am ready I'm 03:06 [Music] 03:20 our first exercise mountain climber 3 is 03:23 on the floor and our heart rate is 03:25 elevated so take just a little bit of 03:27 time keep moving 03:29 bring the heart rate down so you can 03:31 have your head low it's not going below 03:34 your heart so you should be ok 03:36 transition down with your hands 03:38 03:40 knees and get ready for the first blast 03:46 [Music] 03:50 with your body in plank position bring 03:53 one knee outside your elbow very quickly 03:56 then transition and do the other your 03:59 hips lift up slightly as you do the move 04:01 but try not to move them up and down too 04:04 much 04:05 [Music] 04:13 [Music] 04:22 up next fast feet 04:25 catch some breaths keep tapping 04:28 side-to-side keep moving do not stop 04:31 your body this is active recovery 04:33 [Music] 04:37 think about what made you decide to do 04:40 this today and that's your goal and your 04:43 motivation to push you all the way 04:45 through the end 04:46 [Music] 04:53 bend your legs keep your feet hips 04:56 distance apart your hips are low and 04:59 you're pushing through the balls of your 05:00 feet you are moving your feet fast drive 05:04 your arms at your sides keep breathing 05:07 don't hold your breath when it hurts and 05:09 push your body hard in order to change 05:17 you have to push outside of where you're 05:19 comfortable this is the time to make 05:21 that happen 05:21 [Music] 5:24 breathe you made it this is all good 05:29 time to grab some water 05:31 hydrate your body your body's gonna 05:33 function better when it's hydrated it 05:35 burns more calories so just take a sip 05:37 don't take enough to slosh around in 05:39 your belly and in about 15 seconds we're 05:41 moving on to air jacks you are going to 05:45leave the ground and get ready to be 05:48 explosive 05:49 [Music] 05:55 with a soft bend in your arms and legs 05:5805:59 ears you are jumping up coming back down 06:02 into a tight tuck now if you need an 06:04 option you can leave the ground and then 06:07 squat and come on to your toes all I 06:09 need you to do is keep moving for the 06:11 entire thirty Seconds your body is going 06:14 to try to ask you to stop but your mind 06:16 is strong and you say I am going all the 06:19 way until the end almost there keep it 06:23 up and done alright continue to move 06:28 right tap those heels tap your toes 06:30 don't stop keep your head above your 06:33heart you're watching our next move 06:35 which is lateral shuffle you'll be 06:39 moving side to side and reaching your 06:41 hand down so continue to keep that head 06:44 above your heart so you'll reach the 06:46 floor by bending your legs make sure 06:50 you've got room to move side to side 06:55 and begin getting low stay low bend 07:00 those knees keep your knees and toes 07:02 facing forward shuffle side to side lift 07:05 your back heel up to rotate and touch 07:07 the floor I want you to see if you can 07:11 cover more distance each time or maybe 07:15 you give yourself markers and you hit 07:17 those markers every single time decide 07:20 today how you're going to challenge 07:22 yourself and stick with it through the 07:24 entire circuit up next is everybody's 07:30 favorite exercise the Burpee I'm going 07:33 to talk you through some options none of 07:35 the options involve you not moving so I 07:38 need you to pick one leg back two legs 07:40 back maybe you're doing a jump at the 07:42top but whatever it is you give your 07:46 full effort for the entire interval take 07:51 a breath or two get ready to bring your 07:54 hands down towards the floor and jump 07:56 your body back in plank position 07:59 you can step one leg back one leg in and 08:02 lift up you can do two legs back and not 08:06 jump at the top but this is a burpee you 08:09 know it do you love it let's go for it 08:11 maybe you can only do four today with 08:14 perfect form do four of them with 08:16 perfect form then modify and keep moving 08:18 and the next time you do this it's I'm 08:20 gonna do five with perfect form 08:21 celebrate the small victories and see 08:24 how your body is getting better every 08:26 single repetition 08:30 take some more breaths you made it to a 08:33 recovery 30 seconds to celebrate what 08:36 you've done already and to prepare 08:38 mentally and physically for what's 08:40 coming up next we have butt kicks you'll 08:43 stand up tall and bring your heel up 08:46 towards your glutes so I want you to run 08:49 like something is chasing you okay so 08:52 this is not a leisurely jog this is 30 08:55 seconds high-intensity 08:57 what can my body do let's move 09:02 [Music] 09:04 if you want to move around the room you 09:06 may if you want to stand in place you 09:07 may it's always okay to smile while 09:12 you're working out even if it's not your 09:14 favorite thing you've got muscles in 09:16 your face you can use those too and it 09:18 helps right if you're smiling you're 09:21 thinking good things you're doing great 09:23 things for your body and it makes the 09:25 time fly by 09:26 you're almost done in three two one rest 09:31 [Applause] 09:33 moving again side to side 09:36 tapping your heels tapping your toes 09:38 don't come to a complete stop our next 09:44 move is jump rope you're going to do 09:48 your best 09:49 rocky impersonation if it helps you hum 09:53 the rocky theme in your head channel 09:56 Rocky and let's see what you've got to 09:58 work with today 10:03 [Music] 10:05 once your feet to create space between 10:08 the floor and your body so jump up lift 10:11 your toes off of the floor and circle 10:13 those arms at your sides like you're 10:15 jumping rope if you have a favorite jump 10:17 rope option crisscross high knees that 10:20 you would prefer to do get after it get 10:22 it done you know your body and you know 10:25 what you need to drive that heart rate 10:27 up up next skater 3 so there's a lot of 10:39 different versions of this exercise but 10:41 we gave you skater 3 so you can push 10:43 your limits if you need to tap your toe 10:46 behind you or take a little of the hop 10:49 out that's fine just take your body side 10:52 to side we're gonna train all the 10:54 different planes of motion that you need 10:56 to move in get ready and let's see what 11:00 you've got 11:05 knees and toes stay facing the front 11:08 jump tied to side and your arms move 11:10 across your body this is another one 11:13 where you can give yourself targets to 11:15 hit every single time or maybe you say I 11:18 can move farther I feel the strength in 11:21 my body I know I can do better and you 11:23 push for the last 10 seconds harder 11:27 faster stronger those are the words you 11:30 say over and over in your mind now we're 11:34 going to repeat the circuit so your 11:36 heart rate is high take just a few 11:38 moments bring it down because we're 11:39 coming back to the floor for a mountain 11:41 climber 3 at this point you know all of 11:44 the exercises so you don't have to 11:46 listen as much or think as much it's 11:49 just time to work your body now knows 11:52 what 30 seconds feels like and I want 11:55 you to see if you can do more this round 11:58 than you did the first time 12:04 mountain climber 3 placed those hands 12:07 under your shoulders your body's in 12:08 plank position and you are bringing one 12:10 meat towards your elbow then switching 12:12 sides yes you can do this move slower 12:15 but it's less cardio and more strength 12:18 if you do it that way our goal here is 12:20 to drive your heart rate up train your 12:22 cardiovascular capacity and make your 12:25 heart pump stronger and better for you 12:33 [Music] 12:35 next move fast feet the more we do this 12:39 move the tighter and the stronger our 12:41 body gets so we have a little bit less 12:43 movement as we do it so let that 12:46 motivate you say I'm getting tight I'm 12:48 getting strong I'm getting toned I'm 12:50 getting fast whatever it is for you say 12:53 I'm gonna give my all 12:59 [Music] 13:03 here we go 13:06 push it this is for you nobody can make 13:11 you stronger except for you you got to 13:13 do the hard work you will reap the 13:15 rewards make this happen 13:17 [Music] 13:22 look at what your body can do amaze 13:26 yourself with how strong you are once 13:39 again we have air jacks okay right now 13:42 you're looking at it thinking no thank 13:44 you 13:45 but kept your breath and say okay this 13:49 is why I came in here today this is what 13:52 my body requires what am I going to do 13:55 to make it happen 14:01 mind and body are ready bring the arms 14:14 up together overhead bring them back 14:16 together in the center land softly 14:2014:27 can you get higher can you make it 14:29 bigger let's see what you can do I love 14:42 this move lateral shuffle it makes me 14:45 feel strong it makes me feel athletic I 14:48 want you to think about how your body 14:51 feels when you're doing this move 14:55 imagine you have a barbed wire fence up 14:57 above your head that you don't want to 15:00 stand up into so stay low and move side 15:05 to side take a little bit bigger steps 15:09 move your feet faster get outside your 15:15 body as you rotate down across and touch 15:17 the floor 15:22 all of this effort is worth it 15:27 [Music] 15:31push yourself you're almost done 15:41 you see what's coming up next 15:43 it's a burpee catch some breaths keep 15:49 tapping side to side keep moving do not 15:52 stop your body this is active recovery 15:56 [Music] 15:57 as we jump our body back I want you to 16:02 land in a plank position keep your hips 16:06 in line with your body and then get 16:09 straight up so you have a line of your 16:11that's parallel to the floor and 16:12 then you jump straight up here we go 16:15 hands directly underneath your shoulders 16:17 jump your feet back and clear the floor 16:21 get up lacked load be explosive through 16:25 your moves use the big muscles in your 16:27 legs that's gonna drive your heart rate 16:29 up and again that's why we're here 15 16:32 seconds to go 16:36 if you feel uncomfortable you are doing 16:40 it right up next butt kicks so we're 16:49 going to stay up off the floor for a 16:51 little bit we are not going to lose our 16:53 intensity sometimes we've shown you the 16:55 move a little bit slower just so you can 16:58 understand the form remember in this 17:00 17:03 as possible with good form in the time 17:07 allotted so you know the form you know 17:10 the time 17:11 nothing is in your way let's get it done 17:18 [Music] 17:21 keep your shoulders down away from your 17:22 ears you can keep your arms straight or 17:25 you can move them focus on drawing your 17:28 heel up to your butt keep your knee 17:30 underneath your hips 17:31 [Music] 17:41 faster-faster-faster all the way to the 17:43 end four three two one you did it 17:52 time to jump rope again pick a different 17:55 option this time keep your feet together 17:57 push your heels out do high knees do 18:00 criss cross and get a little bit fancy 18:02 18:04 to do with a regular jump rope 18:08 [Music] 18:17 it's time to work lift your body it's 18:22 yours nobody else can do this for you 18:25 jump and know that every single time 18:29 you're moving you're getting better 18:31 you're getting stronger and you need to 18:35 take care of yourself so you can take care of all the other things that you 18:39 can need your body for this is important 18:42 make time for yourself make it a 18:44 priority you're almost done and rest 18:51 [Music] 18:54 we're getting close to the end stay 18:57 steady with me our next move we're going 19:01 side to side again if you need to 19:06 channel your best speed skater that's 19:10 what I want you to put in your mind see 19:13 yourself moving fast being fluid and 19:16 getting strong 19:18 [Music] 19:23 planned on your he'll be sure not to 19:25 roll out through your ankle or let your 19:27 knee track over your toe stay facing the 19:31 front bellybutton to the floor shoulders 19:33 and hips are forward stay low make it a 19:40 bigger move you're almost done 19:45 finish strong 19:50 and done 19:54 you made it to the stretch heart rate is 19:57 still high we've got about 30 seconds 19:59 before we come down to the floor and 20:01 again we'll keep our head up above our 20:03 heart if you feel like you need to stand 20:05 up for a little bit longer please feel 20:07 free to do so but we're going to release 20:09 some of the muscles that you just worked 20:10 in this circuit as you make your way 20:15 down on to the mat you'll bring your 20:17 right leg forward opening up through the 20:20 front of your left hip bring the leg 20:26 forward drop your left hip towards the 20:29 floor and then shift your hips back 20:31bringing your right toe up getting in 20:32 your hamstring at whatever pace works 20:36 for you shift back and forward again 20:39 opening up the front of your left leg 20:41 20:46 now we got to do the same thing on the 20:49 other side come into the centre switch 20 :52 legs 20:57 keep your chest lifted the entire time 21:00 and drop your hips bring your hips 21:02 forward so you'll notice even as her 21:05 chest hums forward she's looking up and 21:09 not rounding over bringing her chin to 21:11 her chest the stretch is just as 21:16 important as all the work you did so 21:17 stick with it we're almost there 21:23 another release that should feel quite 21:27 deserved at this point push your heels 21:30 together and open your knees wide and 21:32 then either scoot your hips forward or 21:35 pull your heels in towards your body do 21:39 what feels best for you to stretch 21:40 through the insides of your legs then 21:43 slightly lean forward but don't round 21:45 through your body chin off of chest 21:47 looking forward and feel long strong 21:51 lean legs you did a great job you did it 22:00 great job 22:11 you 22:12 [Music]

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The HIIT Cardio class includes 8 total exercises, plus a pre-workout warmup and post-workout stretch. Get ready to power through as many repetitions as possible to see what your body can do!

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