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Wellbeats Announces Partnership with Fitmetrix

Wellbeats is excited to officially announce its partnership with Atlanta-based fitness technology company Fitmetrix. By integrating the premier and proprietary content of Wellbeats with the innovative technology software of Fitmetrix, the companies worked together to form a “Visual Workout Builder”.

The Visual Workout Builder is a cutting edge technology for fitness facilities that will give group trainers the opportunity to create customized individual and group workouts for its members. This new functionality can be used for both in-studio classes and custom in-studio group programming.

Here’s what you can expect when utilizing the Visual Workout Builder:

  • Clear demonstrations of each exercise performed by certified fitness professionals to ensure proper form and safety.
  • Visual aids to identify primary muscle groups being targeted in each exercise.
  • The ability to target desired heart rate zones, ideal for cardio-focused workouts such as HIIT (high intensity interval training).
  • An exercise timer to keep members on track during the course of an exercise.
  • An easy drag and drop functionality for adding multiple exercise stations, filtering exercises by category and more!

The Visual Workout Builder will work alongside group training programs so that trainers can spend more time coaching and motivating members instead of keeping track of time and queuing movements.

“We partnered to develop and bring to market a solution gyms have been asking for,” said Jason Von Bank, President and CEO of Wellbeats. “Operators can now implement a standardized, club-wide small group training solution with little investment and no ongoing need for additional in-club human capital.”

By maximizing the simplicity and convenience of technology, the Visual Workout Builder provides an educational, interactive workout experience for group trainers in fitness facilities. The new feature will be introduced to all current and future customers and partners of Fitmetrix.

If you’re interested in implementing the Visual Workout Builder in your fitness facility, or for more information on Fitmetrix and the Visual Workout Builder, click here.

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