Pedal into Summer with Rev

Warmer days are finally here… whether you’re hoping to tackle some races this summer, or just want to get fit, it’s time to get that bike out! 

Our Wellbeats Rev classes are not your average cycling class. Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and simulate a real biking environment, even if you can’t get outside.

Our Rev format offers a wide variety of classes with emphasis on the different aspects of cycling. Here’s an inside look at new classes being released this month: 

  • Fat Burn Cycle (35 min) – a class designed to jumpstart your metabolism and burn fat (even when you get off the bike!)
  • Grind It Out (35 min) – a fun, musically-driven ride using hills, intervals, and speed
  • Race Day (35 min) – an interactive, “outdoor experience” race featuring a time-trial challenge
  • Stretch (5 min) – a post-Rev stretch to relieve any tension or stiffness

These classes will help build your endurance, improve climbing and attacking hills, and benefit your overall cardiovascular fitness. Our Rev instructors are award-winning performance athletes and certified coaches who are top competitive cyclists. They will watch the clock for you and encourage you every step of the way…you just need to show up, tune into your body and ride!

Watch this video for an exclusive sneak peek of Race Day here:

Rev is our #1 top-played channel and we can’t wait to offer more cycling workout options for you. Stay tuned for even more updates coming your way soon…

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Pedal on!

– The Wellbeats Team

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