Wellbeats Introduces a Brand Refresh

New visual identity highlights the company’s growth and market leadership

As Wellbeats enters its tenth year, we’re announcing a brand refresh, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. The new look and feel will be used everywhere, including a refreshed website, app, social media pages, and content. We feel the enhanced look and feel better matches what we’ve become since 2008: a leading on-demand fitness solutions provider that develops and produces content and technology that enables individuals to take control of their health with fitness solutions that fit their lives.

We’ve only had the Wellbeats name for a few years, but in the last few years we’ve changed quite a lot: we launched a new app, added classes and content to our expanding library, introduced new, all-in-one touchscreen technology, and expanded our team of talented support and development professionals. Our brand refresh goal is to better match our values and the clients we serve.

Jason Von Bank, President and CEO of Wellbeats, said, “We are excited to refresh our brand to bring it more in line with our vision. The brand celebrates what Wellbeats stands for – high-quality, on-demand fitness solutions that enable individuals to take control of their health with fitness classes and content that break down barriers to exercise. Despite tremendous growth over the past several years, Wellbeats is primarily known only to our customers and prospects. The refreshed Wellbeats brand will give us the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to the market as an industry leader and valuable partner.”

“We have had tremendous growth over the past several years, but our brand has not kept up to accurately reflect who we are and the value we bring to our clients,” said Jen Zygmunt, Wellbeats Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Through our market research, we know that fitness is personal. Wellbeats exists to help people find the time, space and passion to work out and love it. We are excited to launch a reinvigorated brand that embodies this philosophy for our clients and their users.”

In addition to the changes to the Wellbeats brand, we are launching a new website and updated app. The new site and app offer a clean, user -friendly design and easy-to-navigate functionality. The Wellbeats app allows users to play classes on their mobile devices and tablets anytime and anywhere it’s convenient. We’ve updated the Wellbeats app and added a couple of new features, including:

Class ratings – Users can rate classes on a 5-point scale and leave comments.

Improved navigation – Finding and filtering classes, channels, workout plans, fit tests, recommended classes, and favorites is now more intuitive.

New channel descriptions – Descriptions more clearly describe the channel’s content.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our customers and delivering high-quality fitness content and service. Visit our website at www.wellbeats.com to see the new look and learn more about Wellbeats.

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