If you fall into the camp of those resolving to lose weight or simply increase your fitness in 2016, WELLBEATS’ Kinetics channel may be the best weapon you have in your tool belt. These high intensity classes offer a powerful combination of cardio intervals, bodyweight conditioning and resistance training to not only burn mega calories during class, but generate a “metabolic impact” on your resting metabolic rate, giving you the coveted “after-burn” to keep burning calories hours or days after class.

Why Kinetics?

First, let’s talk cardio. Love it or hate it, cardiovascular exercise is an important contributor to heart health, as well as overall calorie burn. It’s during cardio that your heart is strengthened, allowing your heart to pump more blood per beat, and preventing it from having to overwork during normal, daily activities. Cardio work pays off greatly in high calories burned during exercise, particularly the way we use cardio moves in Kinetics: short spurts of high intensity intervals for 3-60 seconds such as jumping jacks, high knee runs, etc. Kinetics offers athletic, non-complex choreography so you can focus on getting the max benefit from the heart pumping activity.

How does resistance contribute? You may have heard the phrase “muscle weighs more than fat.” But the real different between the two is that pound for pound, muscle burns almost double the amount of calories per hour than fat.  And that’s when you’re not even exercising! Counterintuitive to what people perceive about resistance training resulting in “bulky muscles” it will actually help you increase muscle mass so that your body can become leaner, burning more calories during class and long after. Resistance training is THE most important activity you can do when you’re trying to lose weight or re-define your body. Whether you use bodyweight or equipment such as dumbbells or resistance tubing, the resistance part of the Kinetics equation is the real ‘shape shifter.’

The combination of cardio and resistance being woven together in an interval style is what will take your heart rate up, then give you just enough time to recover before you do it again. High intensity interval training (HIIT) continues to be a top trend across the fitness industry as research has proven it to be the most effective method for increasing calorie burn and weight loss, even in shorter durations, than traditional cardio steady state workouts.

In our Kinetics classes, you’ll find us using a variety of exercises and tools as well as three instructors per class, each demonstrating different options, whether you need to push yourself with an extra challenge, or need to see a modified movement. This allows you to you maximize your efforts and results, regardless of your fitness ability or what you’re able to do on a particular day.

This January, Wellbeats introduced two brand new Kinetics classes to our channel, both of which use no equipment – just your bodyweight! Bodyweight is another 2016 industry trend and one of the most effective ways to increase stamina and overall conditioning.

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