2016 is almost here and so are Wellbeats new classes! This season you’ll see new faces, great choreography and some fun twists to the Formats you know and love. Our Director of Content and Education and Director/Producer, Linda Shelton, weighs in on some of the highlights and what makes this release unique!


In each of our new Kinetics, Definitions, and Transitions classes, you’ll see us using only one piece of equipment…your body! Shelton says,”Bodyweight only and HIIT (high intensity interval training) are both still in the top three on the fitness trend list for 2016. Kinetics always offers HIIT and now bodyweight as well… which is among the most effective ways to get stronger, increase stamina and overall conditioning, and of course, plenty of core work. It’s efficient, convenient, and anyone can do it!”

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In Stomp, Sean will lead you through a class called, “Front and Center” where, instead of moving over and around the step, he stays on the same side of the step the entire class. The benefit of a routine like this is that you’ll still get your cardio sweat on while the movements are easy to follow. “Step was wildly popular in the late 80s and 90s during the early days of group fitness,” says Shelton. “Lately we’re seeing a spike again in step classes as a new generation of exercisers are discovering and loving it. Our Stomp Format is so fun; one major benefit is it offers a great “steady state” workout, keeping your heart rate fairly constant throughout class as opposed to peaks and valleys of interval training. Both are important and should be varied throughout your week.”

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In Rev, we have a new 10 Mile Time Trial that will focus on power endurance – exerting as much power as you can, while sustaining it for the entire class. We’ll work on pedaling mechanics so that you can give the best effort with the least wear and tear on your body. “In our four years of producing content, Rev has consistently been our #1 most popular Format. Our approach to offering real road racing techniques for cycling performance, instead of just studio cycling helps simulate an outdoor experience and train effectively… whether that’s for an actual race, or just the marathon of life,” Shelton explains. “Competing athletes and fitness cyclists both benefit!”

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If you really want something fun to let loose to, Alex Mclean is a new instructor in Vibe and he brings some awesome L.A. flavor to this series with doable Hip Hop – Urban and Old School style dance, and some Michael Jackson inspired Groove. “The caliber of coaching that we’ve been able to offer at WELLBEATS is second to none,” says Linda. “I love being able to introduce new faces, really talented individuals who are so invested in the success of their participants. They join our team, hear your stories, and are hooked on helping you see results! Alex is an amazing instructor; he fits right in!

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These are just a few of this season’ highlights. We hope you give some of the other new classes a try as well! Whether you’re working towards a new fitness goal this January or just looking for new variety in your routine – we can’t wait to help you work towards incredible results. See you in class!

Visit our January 2016 Youtube Playlist for a sneak peak at all of our new classes coming soon and visit our Facebook page where we’ll share more updates about this release!

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