January may be the official start to the New Year, but in many ways September offers its own “fresh start” persona. Whether heading back to school, sending kids off, or just entering into a new season – it’s a great time of year to tap into new energy to set a new goal, start a new habit or try something different! Our September class release offers a great way to do that!

This season you’ll find some of your favorite instructors “on the move” – leading formats you may not be used to seeing them in! One of the fun things about Wellbeats programming is that our instructors design their own classes – so they bring their own unique style and flavor regardless of what format they teach in!

Here’s four new classes to try with instructors that are new to this format!

1-2-Punch HIIT – TKO with Jackie B.

In this 20 minute TKO class Jackie mixes kickboxing combinations with high intensity intervals that will challenge you, push you and give you something to rock out to! She’s got fun new moves, tons of energy, and metabolic training that will remind you of the Kinetics classes Jackie’s a part of! Hello calorie burn!

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Unlock & Unblock – Fusion with Dawn S.

This 20 minute fusion is all about bringing length and flexibility to your spine! Dawns stretches will release tension and pressure that can cause back pain or discomfort and revitalize your body’s central support structure!

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Total Body Burn – Definitions with Heather C.

In Heather’s new 35 min Definitions class, Total Body Burn, she’ll lead you through a comprehensive workout, targeting your body’s major muscle groups and finishing the class with a rapid burn, all around blitz! Heathers precise coaching and cueing will ensure you maintain correct form to get the best results!

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Next Level – Kinetics with Jodee T.

Jodee ups the ante in this Kinetics class, leading you outside your comfort zone bring your fitness to (you guessed it), the Next Level! Jodee’s brings an athletic, no-nonsense style to Kinetics and offers a ton of energy to keep you moving! In between each interval exercises, Jodee will lead you through a minute of core to keep your pillar fired up all class long!

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Check out more sample clips of what’s coming your way this September! Grab a friend and try out one of the new classes! Tell us what you think on Facebook!

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