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WELLBEATS™ Original Programming
WELLBEATS™ Original Programming
A Programming-Driven Strategy
By producing our own proprietary programming and partnering with the industry's best, WELLBEATS™ is able to deliver thoughtful programming that caters to individual wellness needs for the widest possible audience.
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Welcome to WELLBEATS
Your wellness resource for innovative group fitness solutions, thoughtful programming, and meaningful community.




WELLBEATS, formerly Fitness On Request, pioneered the virtual programming concept in 2008 and continues to lead market strategy and innovation.  

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Our content-driven strategy allows us to lead in meeting individual consumer wellness needs for the widest possible audience. 

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Virtual Solutions


Flexibility, convenience, simplicity, visibility and accessibility. Learn more about our virtual class experience!

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Meet Our Wellness Team!


Our incredible team of wellness coaches are passionate about helping you reach your health and wellness goals! This dream team is trained and led by Fitness Hall of Fame member Linda Shelton. 

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System Components Include:

    Intuitive touch-screen kiosk
    TV or projector and HD screen

    All automated and customized to fit the needs of your space!

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WELLBEATS Connections
Consider us an extension of your staff, playing an integral role operationally while providing valuable resources along the way.



  • 1,786,428 Classes Played
  • 1,158 Facilities
  • 231,600 Registered Users


Our experienced group fitness directors know what it takes to diagnose any group fitness program and prescribe solutions to help it thrive.


Print material, promotional videos, e-mail templates and more to raise awareness about your unique program offering

“Start To Finish” Programs

We get creative with you and for you, building incentive-based or goal-focused programs to engage participants.

Instructor Connections

Always available to coach users through a motivating workout, our team of instructors are also accessible to connect with users online where they offer relevant articles, tips and inspiration, nutrition coaching and more!

Top FAQ's

Why is Fitness On Request Re-Branding?
In 2008, Fitness On Request was born out of a need our founders... READ MORE
Why The Name WELLBEATS™?
We have the belief that wellness, not just fitness, is the key to supporting people in living happy, healthy, successful lives. READ MORE
What Will Happen to the Elements Fitness Brand?
After July 1st, the Elements Fitness brand name will no longer be on any class videos. READ MORE


Companies with proven methodologies and areas of expertise





What our Customers Say.

I’m constantly telling people what a great tool Fitness On Request is. I just love it! - Jackie Allen Wellbeats Virtural User
Our members flock to it. I can't imagine our club with out it! - Marklyn B.   Health Club Owner
People love it. We have members coming in all hours of the day, even at 4 and 5 am to take classes. - Lori S.   Health Club Owner




Is WELLBEATS™ Right for Your Facility? We’ll help you determine which of our programs and services are right for your unique facility and customer needs